Members of the ITF America have access to the finest and most experienced ITF certified Class ‘A’ umpires in the United States. The purpose of the Umpire & Tournament Committee is to assist in educating our members through our umpire review courses. This includes Class A & B umpires, instructors, coaches and athletes. Our goal is to help our members gain the necessary knowledge and experience needed to prepare for the ITF International Umpire Course (IUC), ITF umpire certification and to compete in national and international championships.

We will make sure that our tournaments are operated in a professional manner. The athletes and coaches of the ITF America will follow the same guidelines used
in international championships and will be well prepared to compete in the ITF World Cup and ITF World Championships.


Alvin Bernard
No. A-8-35

Committee Members

Brian McNamara
No. A-8-30

Oscar Perez
No. A-8-33

Travis Young
No. A-8-36

Gustavo Naranjo
No. A-7-82