Original Taekwon-Do Federation of America

Message from the OTFA 

Master Vincent A. Affatigato, Co-Founder/President (2009-2019)

The OTFA was formed as a means to allow our Members to be part of the ITF and all it has to offer. Our goal is to provide our Members access to ITF International Certification, Seminars and Competition on a Global scale, as well as on the National level with OTFA Certification, Seminars and Competition. We strive to be a Martial Arts Organization that will be modern and progressive in our thinking, proficient in our actions and tireless in serving our Members.

OTFA History

The OTFA was founded by Master V.A. Affatigato, Master Cody Springsguth and Mr. Lee Benson in 2009. The idea for creating a new Taekwon-do Organization in the USA at the time was to bring the Taekwon-do practitioners who had previously been part of the ITF, but who no longer were due to the politics of the respective Governing bodies after the passing of General Choi Hong Hi in 2002, back to the organization from which they started.

Up until the General’s passing in 2002, most ITF practitioners in the USA were members of the United Staes Taekwon-do Federation [USTF], which was the recognized National Governing Body [NGB] of the ITF in the USA. The President of the USTF, GM Charles C.E. Sereff also served as Vice President of the ITF. GM Charles C. E. Sereff was the second person promoted to 9th Dan, Grandmaster by General Choi Hong Hi.

After the General’s passing in 2002, GM Charles Sereff chose to leave the ITF along with the USTF and it is members. This left a void in the USA and the ITF appointed a new NGB for the country. Over time the ITF decided to also allow Allied Associations [AA] to become Member Organizations.

In 2012 the OTFA was accepted by the ITF as an AA and the status of all groups in the ITF was changed to AA as well. This left no one group to be NGB, but all 4 Allied associations working together in the USA to coordinate National Events and National Team selection.

The OTFA has since added to its Board of Directors, Master Brian McNamara [Vice President], Master Alvin Bernard [Director] and Mr. Scott Saccareccia [Secretary General]. We will continue developing all Committees and bringing new highly motivated and skilled individuals to our Team in order to make us the best Martial Arts Organization in the USA.

The OTFA strives to be the leaders in the USA to bring the level of Taekwon-do in the country to rival the highest levels throughout the World.


OTFA Logo Meaning

The OTFA logo was created by Master V. A. Affatigato.

The idea for the OTFA logo was to connect the origins of Taekwon-do with the new beginnings of our organization.

The design of the logo shows the original ROK patch, which is a clenched fist inside of the shape of the Korean peninsula, used by General Choi Hong Hi for the 29th Infantry Division where Taekwon-do was developed. This was known as the ‘Fist Division’. The number ’29’ on the forearm in the patch represents this division as well.

The Red, White & Blue bars represent the USA and the 3 stars represent the 3 Founding Members of the OTFA: Master V.A. Affatigato, Master Cody Springsguth and Mr. Lee Benson.