Dear Members,

On Monday, June 17, eligible Teaching Plaque Holders placed their votes to elect the next Board of Directors.

The Officer positions were not contested; therefore, they will retain their positions for another term.
• President: GM Fabian Nunez
• Vice President: GM Vincent Affatigato
• Secretary-General: Master Don Kerner
• Treasurer: Mr. Edward Davila

Congratulations to the 4 new Directors who were elected along with 3 existing Directors who were re-elected.

• GM Ruben Suarez
• Master Brian McNamara
• Master Alvin Bernard
• Master Pamela Neidig (new)
• Master Scott Saccareccia (new)
• Master John Dandeneau (new)
• Mr. Chris Poteet (new)

A special thank you to those Directors, who chose not to run for re-election, for all of their time, effort and
contributions over the past 4 years. We are grateful and look forward to their continued involvement with ITF America.

• Master Marcello Cancellieri
• Master Becky Faaborg
• Master Charles Foley
• Dr. Olga Shurchkov

Official Member Letter sent 6/24/2004