Black Belt and Instructor Certification

As the Official National Association (NA) of the ITF in the USA, ITF America offers our Members access to ITF Black Belt Certification, ITF International Instructor Certification and an ITF Instructor Teaching License, which are recognized worldwide.

To be recognized by the ITF as a Black Belt Degree, an individual must be affiliated through an official National Association, Allied Association or Member School/Club accepted by the ITF Board of Directors and must be in possession of an ITF Black Belt Degree certificate.

An individual must be an ITF recognized Black Belt in order to participate in any ITF World Competitions, ITF Instructor Courses or ITF Certification Courses.

In addition, each individual [from 1st – 9th Degree] teaching in an NA, AA or Member School/Club must have a valid Teaching License, known as a “plaque”.

The NA or AA must approve the application of a candidate for a Teaching License. The NA or AA will give this approval only for those applicants who train regularly and have attended teaching courses offered by the NA or AA during the period preceding the application.
Instructors [4th – 9th Degree] may also apply for certification as an ITF International Instructor through the NA or AA.

An International Instructor is an individual who:

  • Is at least 21 years old
  • Is at least a 4th Degree ITF Black Belt member
  • Has participated at the required International Instructors Course
  • Is the holder of an International Instructor Certificate
  • Has a valid ITF Teaching Plaque

On a National level, ITF America conducts the ITF Black Belt Examinations for 1st – 8th Degree and issues both ITF International Certification and ITF America National Certification to our members.
Individuals promoting 9th Degree must do so through the ITF Promotion Committee and be part of an ITF approved NA or AA.