Frequently Asked Questions

How was ITF America established?

In 2020, after years of meetings, conferences and negotiations, the memberships of three ITF Allied Associations [ATFI, OTFA, NTA], along with member Red Tiger schools, merged into one organization - ITF America.

Is ITF America the National Association (NA) of the ITF in the USA?

ITF America is the recognized National Association (NA) under the ITF in the USA as of February 2024.

As a well structured legal entity and registered 501.c.3 non-profit, we meet all of the requirements set forth by the ITF - and then some.

What are the benefits of being in ITF America?

As the Official National Organization of the ITF in the USA, our members will benefit greatly.

These benefits will include:

  • International & National Certification
  • Multiple National seminars (Technical, Competition, Coaching, Umpire, Business, DEI, etc) throughout each year
  • ITF Certified Courses & Competitions, both Nationally and Internationally
  • Access to the best Grand Masters, Masters & Instructors both in the USA & abroad


With over 75% of the ITF membership in the US, we'll have critical mass that will allow us to cost-effectively make resources available at a scope that we've never been able to before. Now, schools that may not have had a senior instructor or master reasonably available to them in terms of distance will have a much better chance of local/semi-local support for testings, trainings, black belt classes, etc. We'll have seminars as one unified group that will be 501c 3 Non-Profit Corp open to all, with greater depth of masters and instructors to draw from. We'll have economies of scale in terms of purchasing power for equipment, insurance, and other services. And we'll have a much richer collective brain trust to tap into for areas such as marketing, school building, financial strategies, etc.



Are there fees associated with joining ITF America?


Remember that along with these fees come MANY benefits to our members, which include discounts on ITF America sponsored events, as well as free seminars for ITF America Teaching Plaque holders and funding assistance for our Officials, coaches, umpires and competitors at International events.

School owners pay a yearly Dojang Fee to be an ITF America recognized dojang.

All Black Belt Members pay a yearly ITF America membership fee.

All 4th-9th Dan black belts pay an additional yearly ITF Teaching Certificate (Plaque) fee, which is required by the ITF for these levels as well as ANY 1st-3rd Dan black belts teaching students.

There is also a one-time ITF America membership fee for any green belt thru red belt students. These Gup level belts will not be required to pay a yearly ITF America membership fee again until they reach the black belt level.

Our fee schedule is sent at the beginning of each year to school owners, instructors and teaching plaque holders.

New prospective members can get this information by contacting our Secretary General.

Will my current rank be recognized?


ITF America does not remove ranks from individuals, however before a student or instructor can be certified by the ITF they need to fulfill the training, certification and time requirements set forth by the ITF & ITF America.

ITF America does provide assistance with this process via mentoring for those in need, quarterly ZOOM technical training seminars conducted by our Technical Committee and promotion exam prep sessions (for senior black belt levels) conducted by our Promotion Committee.

What do I as a school owner or black belt need to do differently after joining ITF America?

Your job will be to keep teaching and training the most wonderful martial art in the world!

Nothing changes locally, and there should be no disruption to your students. What may change is that you find more tournaments, seminars, and black belt classes open to you within a reasonable distance - which is a great thing.

ITF America will help with any training and mentoring required to update and standardize both yours and your students' technical level, as well as obtaining any required certification in accordance with ITF rules.

Who are the leaders of ITF America?

The ITF America Board of Directors is comprised of 4 Officers and 7 Board Members.

All information regarding our current BOD can be found on our Board of Directors page.

ITF America also has many Committees working under the BOD and working for our members to help serve and improve all of our member needs.

All information regarding our current Committees and their members can be found on our Committee page.

Does ITF America hold elections?


ITF America holds elections every 4 years.

We want to enable instructors and leaders from across the country the opportunity to offer service and be presented to the membership.

Any ITF America Plaque holder in good standing can run for an elected position.

In addition to our elections, all qualified ITF America members in good standing can apply to be on any of our standing committees.

Will all members be able to vote?

Only ITF America Plaque holders in good standing will be able to vote using our state-of-the-art electronic voting system.

This will enable all eligible members to vote from where they are, completely secure and anonymously, without the cost and imposition of traveling across the country to a congress, assembly, or other meeting.

In this way, we feel that we'll get the broadest participation and input from our members.

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