ITF America Educational Courses

International Instructors Courses were approved by General Choi Hong Hi, the founding ITF President, initially to certify Korean instructors to go on teaching assignments abroad and over time became the main method of teaching the art of Taekwon-Do ITF to instructors across the world with the aim of standardizing and improving their fundamental technique and knowledge. Since the passing of General Choi the ITF created the ITF Technical Committee to continue the legacy of our founder and to standardize ITF Taekwon-Do technique across the globe. In addition to the International Instructors Course [IIC] the ITF also offers the following courses: International Competition Course [ICC], International Umpire Course [IUC] and the Taekwon-do Kids Program.

Besides offering our members access to these ITF International Certification Courses, ITF America conducts the following National Educational Courses in order to expand on the ITF’s mission.

ITF America Technical Course:

Covers the Physical Composition of Taekwon-do: Fundamental Movements, Dallyon [conditioning/equipment training], Patterns, Sparring and Self-defense. While this course includes all aspects of Taekwon-do training, the emphasis is on improving the technique and knowledge of students for rank advancement and for instructors to improve their teaching ability. The main focus is on Fundamental movements, their meaning, purpose and application in patterns, prearranged sparring, free sparring and self-defense.

ITF America Coaches Course:

The purpose of this course is to help our members to increase their knowledge and ability in the competitive elements of Taekwon-Do.  The course is designed for instructors and coaches wishing to learn more about competition training skills, for competitors that would like to achieve a higher competition standard and for those practitioners that would like to train a different way or learn new training methods.

The content of the course is based on preparation for competition and includes:

  • Sparring techniques, combinations and tactics
  • Pad and shield training methods
  • Power breaking method and practice
  • Jumping Techniques method and practice
  • Strength and conditioning exercises
  • Coaching
  • Understanding the ITF Competition Rules

ITF America Umpire Review Course:

ITF America places great emphasis on developing highly qualified Umpires/Referees who can officiate at Local, National and International Championships. Each year, the ITF America Umpire Committee offers review courses to prepare our members to officiate in ITF tournaments and to ensure all our officials are up to date with the rules, regulations and the latest technical aspects of our art.

The courses are essential for officiating in tournaments, and they are very important in keeping our students and coaches up to date on any revisions.

To be certified as an ITF Class A or B Umpire/Referee, our members must participate in the International Umpire Course [IUC] offered by the ITF Umpire Committee. After taking the IUC course, one can apply to become an ITF Class A and or B Umpire and will have the opportunity to officiate in ITF run International events.

ITF America also offers individual specialty seminars for Sparring, Patterns or Self Defense that an applicant may wish to host.