December 10, 2022 at the Hampton Inn La Guardia Airport in Queens NY, a high degree test and master testing in the presence of GM Nunez (President of the ITF America) and GM Suarez (Chairmen of the ITF America Technical Committee) was completed. For about four hours, the candidates performed basic movements, all patterns, sparring, breaking and self defense. Prior to the test, they took the ITF America written test and passed. The candidates showed great knowledge in the execution of the techniques and the test was very smooth and was at the highest level. Master William Perlaza and Master Luis Gato Gato (From Puerto Rico) took their test for 8th degree. Gloria Rodriguez, Luis Mejia and Roger Benites took the test for 7th Degree. Martha Hernandez, Olga Shurchkov, Jose Iglesias and Alexander Dambisqui took the test for 6th degree. After the completion of the test GM Nunez and GM Suarez made the official presentation of the new degrees . Congratulations to everyone for their great work. After the test the candidates participated in a dinner at a Peruvian restaurant in Queens.