On Saturday March 11, 2023 Advantage Taekwon-Do, affiliate of ITF America, held their annual Taekwondo Tournament, with an overwhelming attendance of 260 competitors and 18 schools from the East coast.

The opening ceremony started at 9:00am. Every school, coach, and competitor walked out proud and excited for the day’s competition to begin. ITF America board members were in attendance as well at this competition.
Grand Master Suarez, Member of the ITF Umpire Committee and board member of the ITF America,
Master Marcello Cancilieri, Board Member of the ITF America
Master Gustavo Naranjo Board Member in the Umpire committee of the ITF America

During the inauguration, Grand Master Suarez representing the ITF America Board members gave their official diplomas to the new Masters that recently have passed their testing.
Masters to Senior Master William Perlaza
Master Gloria Rodriguez
Master Roger Benitez
And host of the tournament,
Master Luis Mejia.

After the opening ceremony, the rings and brackets were arranged and the tournament began! All competitors had the option of competing in patterns, sparring, and high flying side kick. After a long and thrilling day, all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place medals would be tallied. Only one school would leave as champions of the 10th annual Lititz Tournament.
Sabumnim Dan DeArmas and Baltimore Taekwondo lifted the cup for the school with the most medal points that evening. Second place went to Red Tiger from Philadelphia and third place to Queens Taekwondo Center from Queens NYC.

We would like to thank all the schools who participate year after year. We had competitors from as far as Canada, Argentina and Norway attend the 10th annual Lititz Tournament.
We would like to give an immense thank you to all the Advantage Taekwondo Families who worked all night and day to display the best possible environment we could for our competitors. And as always, we need to thank the referees that worked all day to ensure a fair and enjoyable tournament for all.

Tournament Host, Master Luis Mejia wants to thank every person who was involved in making this possible and we will be looking forward to our next event. THANK YOU!

To view photos from the tournament please follow the link to the Advantage Taekwon-Do Facebook post. Facebook Post