Saturday, September 26, 2020

On Saturday, September 26, the OTFA was proud to present Master Affatigato.  Master Affatigato is one of the founding members of the OTFA as well as its Vice-President.  He is an VIII Degree Black Belt and Co-Chair of the OTFA’s Technical Committee (alongside Grand Master Suarez).

Master Affatigato’s knowledge, skills and witty sense of humor made each of the training sessions exciting and enjoyable.  Master Affatigato has a wonderful perspective of taking training to another level so that the mind and body are prepared for self-defense and not just for competition.

It was also interesting to learn the Brooklyn style “Taekwon-Do Boogie”.  It was a great drill that builds cardio and coordination all at one time while laughing and having fun.

Thank you Master Affatigato for the Taekwon-Do community to have yet another amazing experience.