The Original TaeKwon-Do Federation of America (OFTA) held a Masters examination on August 8th 2020.  The examination was conducted by Grandmaster Akard and Grandmaster Niedig in Bloomfield, Colorado.  The OTFA would like to congratulate all of the candidates that were promoted:

Promoted to 7th Degree Master: Mrs. Ranieri, Mr. Dandeneau and Mr Beck.  

Promoted to 8th Degree Master: Master Kerner, Master McNamara, and Master Springsguth.

Special guests at the examination were Grandmaster Thibado, Master Nunez, Master Pam Neidig, and Master Roena.  The test was directed by Master Avila while the Grandmasters graded the examination. Other attendees present during the test were Mrs. Dandeneau, Mr. Hick, and Mrs. Giovino.