GM Thibado and GM Suarez had the honor to do the first Master Test in Queens, NY.

With the participation of Mr. Naranjo, Mr. Foley, Mr. Taveras and Mr. Yakubov presented to test for Master 7th Dan and Mr. Shrouder for 6th Dan on Saturday, April 24, they responded with a great performance. They presented 4 Color Belt Patterns, 1 Black Belt Pattern for each degree to 4th degree, plus the patterns required for their level. Additionally, we asked them to execute one extra pattern chosen by them.

After completing the patterns, they were asked about the stances and the execution of the several kicks and the difference between them. They demonstrated the execution of 3, 2, 1, Model, and Semi-free Sparring where they had a great performance. At the end, they did an exceptional breaking demonstration by making 2 Hand and 2 Foot Techniques and 1 Specialty Technique. They also did a great interpretation of Ho Sin Sul with the support of GM Thibado. In addition to their physical test, they took a written test and everyone scored 90% or above.

The level of preparation for the examination was excellent and GM Thibado and MG Suarez made some recommendations and congratulated the group and presented their respective belts.