Grand Master Suarez visits the Bay Area!
by Steven LeGrow

Warrior Code Taekwon-Do Academy was started 4 years ago (Jan 2016) by Master LeGrow, Ms. Ha Tang and Mr. Kevin McGinley.  As we approach our 4th Anniversary we hosted Grand Master Suarez, the newest Grand Master in the United States for a special training and grading.

The training took place on Saturday, January 11, 2020.  It consisted of 6 hours which were separated into two 3-hour sessions.  The topic for the first session was sparring and movement.  The student’s were blown away at the excitement level of the training and the passion of the Grand Master. To them, it is no wonder how so many talented people like Julio Carlos come out of Queens Taekwon-Do.

The afternoon covered all the color belt patterns and their movement applications.  As many people are aware, Grand Master Suarez is also on the Umpire Committee of the ITF.  He can clearly explain the difference between a correct execution of a movement and what would be a point deduction in competition.  By the end of the day, all the students were exhausted.  Some sent in a testimonial the following day – also saying they could barely walk, but they loved every minute of it!

On Sunday, January 12, Grand Master Suarez was Master LeGrow’s guest examiner for Warrior Code’s Black Belt Testing.  7 of Warrior Code’s students attempted to achieve their 1st degree black belt.  From the 7, 5 of them are from the original group who started when Warrior Code opened 4 years ago!

The test was in 3-parts.  They had a written exam, a physical test and the Technical Test.  Each testing candidate ran 3-miles, did 100-meter dash, 1000 jumps on the jump rope as well as 100 push ups, sit ups and squats, the day before the training.  Each candidate went through an incredible 3-days to earn their 1st Degree.

Thank you Grand Master Suarez for your passion, dedication and service to Taekwon-Do.  On behalf of the instructors, students and parents of Warrior Code Taekwon-Do Academy; we are looking forward to seeing you again!