OTFA Membership offers many benefits to all individuals, Instructors and schools.

The OTFA is dedicated to serving our members and their respective needs in order to build a solid ITF Taekwon-Do Community and support system throughout the USA by providing both National and International resources for education, competition and business development.

Our goal is to continue the legacy of our Taekwon-do Founder, General Choi Hong Hi and to build ITF Taekwon-Do in the USA to rival the best countries in the World.

Individual Membership

  • Full International Taekwon-Do Federation [ITF] membership
  • ITF Black belt, International instructor & Umpire certification
  • OTFA National Black belt certification
  • Access to National & International competitions, including USA Nationals, USA Team trials, ITF World Championship & ITF World Cup
  • Access to ITF International Instructor Course [IIC], International Umpire Course [IUC], International Competition Course [ICC] & ITF Kids Course [IKC]
  • Access to OTFA National seminar & Courses
  • Access to OTFA website for Organization News, Upcoming events, Training Calendar. Plus Exclusive Instructor/ Member Resourse & Support Sections
  • The privilege of practicing at OTFA dojangs across the country & ITF dojangs around the world
  • Educational Materials for Instructors
  • Democratic structure, Constitution & By-Laws

School Membership

OTFA Business Expansion and Development

While it is the intention of the OTFA to not interfere with the daily operations o

f our Member Schools, we do want our schools to prosper and grow. Therefore, the OTFA has implemented our Business Expansion and Development Plan.

Some highlights of the OTFA Business Expansion and Development Plan are:

  • Promotion & Marketing of Member Schools and Instructors through OTFA website, Regional & National Media
  • Custom Website Creation for each Member School
  • OTFA Website Business Forum [Blog] for Instructors to discuss any business related questions and share ideas.
  • Marketing Tools and Techniques
  • Educational and Teaching materials for Instructors & Students
  • OTFA Gup Certificates for promotions
  • Advertising and Design assistance
  • Member School Liability and Student Accident Insurance
  • Discounted Wholesale Pricing on Uniforms [Doboks] and Equipment

Certificate Samples